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I completed a survey. Where are my points?

After you have completed a survey successfully, you will be redirected to a thank you message from Bigsy mentioning you have successfully completed the survey.  This message will also show you the number of points you have received for completing that particular survey. If you do not see that message, please make sure that you have clicked the final >> or "Send" button on the survey screen, and have been redirected back to the Bigsy thank you page.

To check your points balance login into your Bigsy account and check your Activities list on My Rewards section (2nd icon). Look for the survey number, since surveys are sort by survey number (not by participation date). If you already have your Bigsy account open, you may have to log out and login again to see any points you were recently rewarded.

Note that the points of the Profile surveys won´t be displayed on your Activities list but they will be reflected in the total of your balance. While, the points of the Regular surveys will be reflected on the total of your balance as well as detailed on your Activities list. 

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  • 01-Mar-2019