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How does the Bigsy program work?

Bigsy has partners in the market research industry who are looking to get the opinions of real consumers like you. Being part of the Bigsy community is NOT a job. Being part of Bigsy is an opportunity to earn extra money for sharing your opinions on online consumer surveys!

Once you have made your registration at, you can start participating in our online surveys. You can always check if you have available surveys by logging into your Bigsy account. Also there will be times that we will send you invitations through your email.

The frequency of our surveys varies and always depends on our clients’ needs and the consumer profiles they are looking for each survey. Surveys may range from 3 to 40 minutes to complete. And when you successfully complete our surveys, you will get rewarded with points.

Once you have achieved enough points to redeem, you´ll be able to exchange your points for cash.  You will need a minimum of 2000 points to request your redemption. You can request your payment to be sent by check, or PayPal or Western Union. The payment method will depend on your country of residence.  Please, note that receiving your payment can take up to 30 days. 

If you have any doubts or comments, you can always check our FAQ section and contact our Support Team through it.

You can also check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, always available in our website

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